Diocese of Portland, ME

“Make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Christ!”


What is Cursillo?

Cursillo is a lay Christian movement in which its members try and live their Christianity in the

environments they find themselves, and by their witness influence others and act as a Christian force in their homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces. The focus is on the person of Jesus and the movement is Catholic.

Can Cursillo make a difference?

In today’s world can Christianity penetrate the many areas of secular life? Can it live there? Can it grow there? Can it transform the world in a way that is more fruitful than the past and in keeping with the times? The Cursillo Movement thinks so.

It proposes no new type of spirituality, but simply a method through which one’s personal spirituality may be developed, lived and shared in any area of human life – where there are Christians willing to dedicate their lives to God in an ongoing manner.

The method is introduced by a short course - Cursillo.

The joyful proclamation of being a Christian!

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Sept 28-Oct 1


May 4-7

Oct 26-29

 Calendar of upcoming events



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Sunday April 2

School of Servant Leaders

St. Charles - Brunswick

Saturday, April 8

Holy Spirit Ultreya

St. Martha’s, Kennebunk

Monday, April 16

Brunswick Ultreya

St. Charles - Brunswick

Friday, April 21

Greater Portland/ Westbrook Ultreya

St. Anthony’s - Westbrook

Monday, April 24

Lewiston-Auburn Ultreya

6:30 Rosary 7:00 Ultreya followed by Snacks!

Dominican Room

Sts Peter & Paul Basilica - Lewiston

Tuesday,  April 25

Augusta Ultreya

St Monica’s Chapel

Sunday, May 7

School of Servant Leaders

Camp Mechuwana

Sunday, May 7

York Ultreya

St Christopher’s

Saturday, May 12

Holy Spirit Ultreya

St. Martha’s, Kennebunk

Friday, May 19

Greater Portland/ Westbrook Ultreya

St. Anthony’s - Westbrook

Monday, May 22

Lewiston-Auburn Ultreya

6:30 Rosary   7:00 Ultreya followed by Snacks!

Dominican Room

Sts Peter & Paul Basilica - Lewiston

Tuesday, May 23

Augusta Ultreya

St. Monica’s Chapel

Sunday, June 2

Reunion of the Weekends

St. Charles - Brunswick

Please Remember to Pray a Rosary for Maine Cursillo on Thursdays! We are still accepting applications for the upcoming women's weekend. See the list of candidates and teams below for your palanca!

2017 Applications now available -

Check out the

“Short Course on Sponsoring”

On the application page

Updated 4/22/17

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May 2017  Womens Weekend Candidates

Monique Maxwell           Nancy Nolette          Debra Francis          Jonnie Rose Clark     Carol DeRoy

Mary Hahn          Helen Boulanger          Betty Laliberte         Mary Ann Klouda     Sheila Patrick

May 2017 Team Members

Denise Mailhot          Lorraine Caron          Faith Schillinger       Michele Freitag

Jackie Ouellette          Diane Young         Gabrielle Dunn

May 2017 Kitchen Crew

Pat Thibeault          Irene Dubreuil          Pam Rousseau